MAC (Hybrid)

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Alpha Pinene


This hybrid is also known as Miracle Alien Cookies. MAC is a cross of Alien Cookies combined with a Columbian and Starfighter hybrid. MAC’s gassy musk and highlights of citrus will leave the consumer in an uplifted, happy, and euphoric state while being connected to it’s sweet and earthy finish.

6 reviews for MAC (Hybrid)

  1. Rayna W.

    This is my night-time go to! Relaxing and helps me fall asleep. Taste is perfectly natural

  2. Joe

    Great product. Will only be ordering from this company from now on.

  3. Amanda M

    Long lasting, good quality. Received a free pen with purchase that I like even better than the one I ordered. Arrived quickly. Will purchase again. Thanks!

  4. deland Flint

    Not a bad product helped me to relax. No issues with use

  5. Michele B.

    Almost…the real thing. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Teresa O

    These are honestly great, they even send you an extra pen when you order. Totally worth the money. Me and my friends all get anxiety from smoking now but i made them all try the grape ape and they all say how relaxing it is. U only need to charge it once and it lasts a while if u dont smoke it like a vape. Def will be buying more and signing up for the reward system!

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